Different Sizes to Fit Your Needs

Snugger Fitting

Beyond Seven Rubbers

Rubber Stats Beyond Seven CondomsBeyond Seven condoms are a example of the best latex technology in the world. Manufactured in Japan, these super thin Rubbers are made of a latex called Sheerlon, so strong it can be made thinner than ordinary condoms without sacrificing reliability. Beyond Seven Rubbers are perfect for those who are seeking a Rubber which is slightly more narrow, offers maximum sensitivity and is of average length. Available in handpacked bags of 12, 60, or 144 with or without spermicide.

Sized-to-Fit Rubbers

Introducing TheyFit Rubbers, the world's first custom fit condom line. TheyFit condoms feature 70 sizes to ensure that every guy, from 3" to 10", can get a Rubber that fits properly for maximum security, comfort, and pleasure. These smart Rubbers are also sensuous, strong, and thin for total enjoyment. Only available lubricated without spermicide. Buy more and save! Order 2 12-packs at 10% off! Order 3 or more 12-packs at 15% off! Once you've measured with our Fit Kit, you may select the quantity to purchase and the condom length on this web page. The page will automatically reload with the They Fit widths available for that length.

Snugger Fit Rubbers

Snugger Fit is the condom for you if you're looking for a contoured Rubber that is more narrow than most but is still close to average length. LifeStyles Snugger Fit is only availavle without spermicide. This is the same condom as the Exotica Snugger Fit with different packaging.

Beyond Seven Aloe Rubbers

The Beyond Seven Aloe Rubber, made by Okamoto, is an ultra-thin condom with a special Aloe-Based lubricant. Generously lubricated with natural aloe extract, it is designed to relieve women's discomfort during intercourse. Aloe is known to prevent irritation, pain, itching and also helps to retain moisture, giving a smooth feeling lubricant that lasts extra long. Beyond Seven Aloe has four times more lubricant than regular Rubbers, but washes off easily with water.

Rubbers can deteriorate if not stored properly as they are affected by both heat and light. So it's best not to use a condom that has been stored in your back pocket, your wallet, or the glove compartment of your car. If a Rubber feels sticky or very dry you shouldn't use it as the packaging has probably been damaged. All Rubber should be disposed of by wrapping in tissue or toilet paper and throwing them in the bin. Rubbers should not be flushed down the toilet as they may cause blockages in the sewage system and pollution.

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