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Lube, oil, lotion or potion is the best for our individual needs. Glycerin? Silicone? Oil? Flavored? I will help you sort it all out. Just answer my questions and we'll have you slipping and sliding in no time. What kind of lubricant would you like?

Tasteless & Odorless

Astroglide personal lubricant is to great sex as high performance motor oil is to finely tuned sports cars: simply required. Astroglide has been the favorite lube of choice for millions of couples seeking to shift their sex lives into high gear. Astroglide is a water based lubricant that is long lasting, light and smooth to enhance the comfort and ease of all sexual activity. Astroglide is colorless, odorless, flavorless, nonstaining and does not contain a spermicide. Available in two bottle sizes as well as 3 ml packets.

Astroglide Personal Lubricant

ID Glide Sensual Lubricants are one of the newest and already one of the most popular lubricants on the market. ID Glide is ultra long lasting, unflavored, non-staining and fragrence free. ID Glide is available in four sizes: a 10ml. pillow, & 2.8oz, 9.5oz, and 17.6oz bottles without spermicide.

Aqua Lube

Aqua Lube is made by Mayer Labs, the company that produces Kimono brand condoms. Aqua Lube is smooth, long lasting and is available in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz bottles and in pillow packs.

K-Y Silk-E

K-Y Silk-E Vaginal Moisturizer is exclusively designed to feel like your own natural moisture. This water-based, non-sticky formula has pure Vitamin E giving you safe, immediate relief from vaginal dryness. From America's best known and trusted lubricant brand Johnson + Johnson, K-Y Silk-E is available in 2.5 oz bottle.

Bare Skin Intimate Gel

Bare Skin Intimate Gel is perfect for the "honey" in your life. Formulated especially for those who desire "Bare" intimacy Bare Skin Intimate Gel is a silky smooth & light liquid gel. Bare Skin Intimate Gel lubricant is water-based and condom-safe.

Frixion Ultimate

Frixion Ultimate Lubricant is the first sexual lubricant that is infused with herbal botanicals designed to increase sexual energy and stamina. Frixion Ultimate Lubricant is a water-based, non-staining lube that contains aloe vera, guarana, mata, yohimbe, avena sativa, ginseng, and arginine.

The lubrication on condoms also varies. Some condoms are not lubricated at all, some are lubricated with a silicone substance, and some condoms have a water-based lubricant. The lubrication on rubbers aims to make the condom easier to put on and more comfortable to use. It can also help prevent condom breakage.

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