Trojan Rubbers

Trojan Magnum Twister Rubbers

Trojan Magnum Twister Rubbers are larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort, and are designed with a special "twist" to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas. The loose, extreme shape produces an exciting dynamic action that stimulates nerve ending and heightens sensitivity. Get ready to twist and shout with Trojan Magnum Twister!

If you want to use some extra lubrication, put it on the outside of the condom. But always use a water-based lubricant such as KY Jelly or Liquid Silk with latex Rubbers, as an oil-based lubricant will cause the latex to break. Click here to see picture of lubricants. The man wearing the Rubber doesn't always have to be the one putting it on - it can be quite a nice thing for his partner to do.

Trojan Naturalamb Rubbers

Trojan Naturalamb Rubbers, made from a natural pouch in the lambs' intestines, provide a popular alternative to latex. Many men prefer natural skin Rubbers due to the enhanced sensitivity and extraordinary durability of the natural skin. Others enjoy the exceptionally large width of natural skin condoms. Due to the size of the pores in natural skin Rubbers, they are not recommended for the prevention of disease. Trojan Naturalamb is only natural skin Rubbers currently on the market.

Trojan Ultra Pleasure Rubbers

Trojan Ultra Pleasure is part of new breed of Rubbers that are designed to produce maximum sensitivity and sensation through shape and design. This unique Rubber offers a wider head area for a more relaxed fit. And for those looking for a wider condom, it is wider than average from top to bottom. Trojan Ultra Pleasure is available with or without spermicide.

There are no age limitations on buying Rubbers. Family planning and sexual health clinics provide condoms free of charge. Rubbers are available to buy from supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations. Vending machines selling Rubbers are found in toilets at many locations. You can also order then online from different manufacturers and distributors. There are web sites details of Rubber manufacturers..

Female Rubber

FC Female Rubbers

FC Female Rubbers, made of a soft polyurethane, are the first Rubber designed to be worn by women. In addition, FC Female Rubbers are hypo-allergenic, heat conductive, and has been reported to increase the sensitivity for both women and men. Includes an extra lubricant pillow pack. Please note: these have recently had their name changed from Reality. Still the same great Rubber, but a different name.

KISS Rubbers

KISS Kondoms Studded Paul

KISS Kondoms, the officially licensed condoms of the legendary rock band, KISS. Each KISS Kondom features high quality latex condoms in different colors and textures. The "Studded Paul" Kondoms featuring Paul Stanley are now here! Each box includes 3 seductively studded latex condoms. They are also available as singles in quantities of 1 or 5 Dozen.

KISS Kondoms Tongue Lubricated

KISS Kondoms, the officially licensed condoms of the legendary rock band, KISS. Each KISS Kondom features high quality latex condoms in different colors and textures. The "Tongue Lubricated" Kondoms featuring Gene Simmons are now here! Each box includes 3 red latex condoms with special "tongue" lubrication. They are also available as singles in quantities 1 or 5 Dozen.

Rubbers are only needed when you are having sex unlike some other contraceptives which require you to take or have them all of the time. Here are also some tips that can help you to feel more confident and relaxed about using condoms. Keep Rubbers handy at all times. If things start getting steamy - you'll be ready. It's not a good idea to find yourself having to rush out at the crucial moment to buy condoms - at the height of the passion you may not want to.

Vivid Condoms

Each Vivid Rubbers box features sexy, but tasteful photos of Vivid Girls like Jenna Jameson. Choose from four great styles - Lubricated for a Vivid fit and feel, Extra Thin for added sensitivity, Larger for extra comfort, Studded for extra pleasure, or collect the complete assortment. Slip into something Vivid with Vivid Rubbers!

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